This is a collection! (of awesomeness!! :3)

My Birthday is March 4, 1992 (important!!) I live in Wilde Lake, Maryland. Its very pretty, atleast that's what I think, and yes, I live with my parents. (they live with ME!!) Here's a picture of my house. My house! I was originally born in Lancaster, Pennyslvania. But moved to Maryland when I was 3 and a half, we used to live in this mid-sized brown brick house... and thats all I know, and thats because my parents have pictures. I originally went to Bryant woods, but transferred after I threw a rock at a kid, he deserved it. For the rest of elementary days, I went to Running Brook, (3/5 school) I fell there once, thats the only interesting thing I remember. After that, I went to back to Wilde lake, this time, MIDDLE SCHOOL. The "kids" there were extremely tall and made FUN OF MY HAIR, worst years of my life. There was this one kid, I think, Michael? was his name, who threw a basketball AT MY HEAD. The result? Broken glasses, concussion, and no point. THANKS MICHAEL. Then I went to High school, and.. it was okay I guess, people still made fun of my hair, but, I got used to it at this point. I was going to go community college but, decided not to, probably a bad choice, considering I currently work at my "wonderful" job at, Walmart. Where they give me a half hour long lunch break, It's okay I guess, I strive to be a book writer, but, until I can find out how to do that.. I'm stuck at a dead end job. Heres an example of one of my great book ideas.. Zombies.. IN SPACE! I know it sounds stupid, but I dont want to share the script yet, I dont want it to be stolen.